Who We Are

The Loomba Foundation was founded by Lord Raj Loomba CBE and his wife Veena, Lady Loomba. It was established in the UK as a charitable Trust Deed on 26 June 1997 and has sister charities registered in India and the USA. The inspiration came from Raj’s late mother, Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba, who became a widow at the early age of 37 and succeeded in educating her seven young children single-handed.

Objectives and Activities

The Foundation is constituted by Trust Deed and its objectives and aims are to promote the welfare and economic empowerment of disadvantaged widows and education of their children. The Foundation currently makes grants to its sister charity in India, the Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Memorial Foundation, to fulfill its aforesaid aims and the sister charity distributes funds which support widows and their children in India. In addition, the Trustees have agreed to promote the fundamental freedoms and human rights of widows and their children around the world through advocacy.


The Foundation was officially launched in London on 25 March 1998 in the presence of the Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Tony Blair MP and his wife Cherie Blair CBE QC. The Foundation also received the support of the Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, who inaugurated the Foundation in New Delhi on 31 March 1999, by lighting a ceremonial lamp at his residence. The ceremony was attended by Sir Rob Young GCMC, British High Commissioner to India.

Tony Blair & Lord Loomba

The Loomba Foundation launched in London in 1998 in the 
presence of Prime Minister Rt Hon Tony Blair

India Launch

The Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurates
the Loomba Foundation in India in 1999

Board of Trustees

Lord Raj Loomba CBE is founder and International Chair of Board of Trustees in the UK, USA and India:

  • UK Board of Trustees, which includes Mrs. Shamin Lalji, Dr. Barry Humphreys, Veena Lady Loomba, Mrs. Reeta Sarkar, Ms. Roma Loomba and Mr. Rinku Loomba.
  • USA Board of Trustees, which includes Mr. Jack Klinck, Dr. Peter Rajsingh, Dr. Narendra P. Loomba and Harjiv Singh.
  • India Board of Trustees, which includes Mr. S. S. Dhindsa MP, Mrs. Aruna Oswal, Mr Balbir Singh Kakar, Harjiv Singh and Veena Lady Loomba.

President of the Loomba Foundation

Cherie Blair CBE QC, wife of the former British Prime Minister, who became the first Patron of the Foundation in 1998, agreed to become the President and officially inaugurated Loomba House in London on 8 September 2004 in the presence of the Indian High Commissioner, His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma. Over the years, Cherie has continued to travel to various countries to attend the Foundation’s events in order to raise awareness of the plight of widows and their children around the world.

Cherie Blair

Cherie Blair with widows in Mumbai


Sir Richard Branson agreed to become Patron-in-Chief in 2004. He has attended the Foundation’s fundraising events in India and South Africa. He has also supported the Foundation by making an appeal on BBC Radio 4 in 2004. He raised over £500,000 through three ‘Change for Children’ appeals on the Virgin Atlantic flights worldwide. The Loomba Foundation is the only charity to have been supported three times by Virgin Atlantic.

Richard Branson & Starfish

Sir Richard Branson launches the Loomba Foundation in Johannesburg  in South Africa in 2006


The Loomba Foundation is honoured that it is supported by the UK Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Deputy Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg MP, Countess Mountbatten of Burma and Baroness Betty Boothroyd OM as Patrons, amongst many other senior politicians, dignitaries, celebrities and business leaders.


The Loomba Foundation has honoured Mrs. Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States, Mr. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, Yoko Ono, widow of Beatle John Lennon, Ms. Rachel Mayanja, secretary to the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Raj Nooyi, husband of Indra Noori, and Mrs. Renuka Chowdhury, Union Minister for Ministry of Women and Child Development at the International Widows Day events in New York, USA.

Laura Bush Loombas White House Opt

The First Lady Laura Bush invites Lord & Lady Loomba for a private lunch at the White House in Washington DC along with Cherie Blair, 2007.