The World Widows Report

9780993415609-WWR15-Perfect-v3.inddThe Loomba Foundation’s World Widows Report was launched on March 17, 2016 at the United Nations in New York by Lord Loomba, World Widows Report editor Kasper de Graaf, former UK international development minister Baroness Northover and Loomba Foundation Trustee Mr Harjiv Singh. The report is the only authoritative, comprehensive data source about the discrimination and injustice faced by widows and their dependents country by country and worldwide, and has been welcomed as an important contribution to the debate about the Sustainable Development Goals by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

You can obtain a copy of the report here.

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Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty

The Loomba Foundation

Education has been at the heart of our work since The Loomba Foundation was established. Traditional discrimination and prejudice casts millions of widows into lifelong poverty and destitution when their husbands die, with devastating impact for them and their dependents. Children frequently drop out of school and are forced into child labour, prostitution and trafficking to support the family. It is to break this cycle of deprivation and injustice that The Loomba Foundation focuses so much of its effort on educating the children of poor widows and supporting their families, so bringing hope where so often there is only despair.

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Varanasi empowerment programme launched by PM

PM Modi launches Varanasi Empowerment Programme

The Loomba Foundation’s latest empowerment programme for widows was launched last January in the holy city of of Varanasi by its MP, the Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi, who commended the benefit this will bring to 5,000 impoverished widows in the city. Widows in India still face widespread discrimination and often lifelong destitution. By setting them up with equipment, training and business advice, the programme offers economic independence and an opportunity to change traditional attitudes.