Donors and Sponsors

We are very grateful to all our donors and sponsors past and present. We appreciate their support and help.

Our corporate sponsors include Rinku Group, Europoint Holdings, Synergy Lifestyle and the following companies:

Lyca Mobile



Tata Consulting

Standard & Chartered

Rational FX

In addition we thank our individual past and present sponsors:

Susan and Graham Tobell
Mrs. Aruna Oswal
Mr. Balbir Singh Kakkar
Ms. Dee Patel
Mr. Navin Jindal
Mr. Salman Mahdi
Mr. S. K. Mongia
Mr. Tim Fitzpatrick
Baroness Boothroyd
A. F. Lamb
Mr. David Chestnutt
Lady Williams
S. Montgomery Gibbs
Mrs. Sharada Sugirtharajah
K.G. Robbins
R. S. Sokhi
G. Dyke and S. Howes
K. Mann
Lady Harding
Sir Rob Young
W & B Hanna
W. M. Hyde
A. Stanton
G. R. White
John Scalway
S. M. Stirrup
G. A. & K. J. Brisk
J. S. Fielder
M. Ojha
P.T. Sethi
Mr. Patel and Mrs. Pinder
Sir Tony Baldry MP
Mr. Simon Acland