Day 30 – 30 Days and 1,260km Later…

Day 30 – 8 Feb 2015 – Travelled from Mahadevpura to ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

Distance – 42km – Cumulative total 1,260km

My name is Chris and I’m walking 1,260km from Mumbai to Bangalore to raise money for widows in India. I’m walking 30 Marathons in 30 Days and I will be writing a blog post every day. To follow my progress you can sign up to receive updates here. To read my previous blog posts click here. To make a donation please visit this page. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment as they really do give me a lift when I read them every morning.

I have just taken the last steps of my 1,260km journey.

Day 30 - 3

As I close my eyes, I have fleeting memories of sweeping coasts, coffee plantations, coconut trees, rivers meeting the sea, villagers going about their morning business, NH17, warm smiles, being reunited with music long ago played, a bucket and a jug, the first chai of the day and warm hospitality.

There were lots of people who made this trip possible but there were just three very special ones – Atul, Sachin and Kumar. They each performed their roles perfectly – all my needs being met – I just had to get up in the morning and walk. They were an extraordinary team with the route planned and re-planned, the dedication required for over two hundred sessions of physio and the overall logistics all completely gripped. We have formed a special relationship over the last 30 days which I know will continue.

As Ed has said to me before “the human body is capable of so much more than you think”, so it was completely fitting that Ed was with me at the end.

Day 30 - 9

I have been fortunate to see the work of the Loomba Foundation in practice through their support of widow’s children in Delhi and I am looking forward to seeing more of their work with the widows in Varanasi. Raj Loomba works tirelessly to keep the plight of widows and their children front of mind.

I can’t pretend that the last 30 days was easy – unquestionably the mental challenge was far greater than the physical one. The walk was at the same time both vast (under the Indian skies) and also intimate through the interactions with my team and through all of your wonderful comments – thanks for holding my hand throughout. I have been overwhelmed by your warmth and encouragement and can’t thank you enough. As I walked south across the west coast of India between the sea and Western Ghats I hope you have got a flavour of this wonderful country.

Day 30 - 8 Day 30 - 9

To use a cycling analogy, the chasing peloton of ‘commentators’ did a valiant job of trying to hunt down the leader but my Mum broke for the front early and was never going to be caught – her comments coming thick and fast – she ends the journey on the podium with a world record number of comments – thanks Mum.

My two years of training could only partly prepare me for what was to come and I have been fortunate to do something which I hope is meaningful in the country that has become my second home.

Ed has been with me over the last 5 days and Deb and Molly join me later in the week. Then I have Sam and Ben to look forward to when I return from India. I recognise I am a very lucky man.

My journey is now over but thank you for joining me.

With my heart-felt love. God Bless.

Chris xx

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  1. Fantastic effort Chris – truly inspirational!!

  2. Matthew White says:

    An amazing achievement Chris – congratulations! Enjoy a well-earned rest in Bangalore and see you when you are back in London. To carry on with the cycling analogies – Chapeau!

  3. Sarah glashan says:

    Wow Chris, massive congratulations.
    We never doubted you.
    We are so, so proud of you.
    Enjoy the rest of your time with deb, Molly and ed.
    SLEEP….you deserve it!!
    Well done and lots of love and look forward to meeting up soon
    For a blow by blow account of the epic journey
    Well done and thank you sachin, Atul. And Kumar for keeping Chris safe and getting him to the finishing line with a smile.

  4. Well done Chris, we’ve loved following the adventure and have admired your effort from start to finish.
    Enjoy a good rest.

    David and Holly

  5. A spectacular achievement. God bless you Chris Sachin Atul and Kumar , have a good rest all of you with your loved ones. You will always have amazing memories of this month and your blog companions are so lucky to have shared them with you.


  6. FANTASTIC. Well done. Many congratulations. Phenomenal achievement Chris and your awesome team. Such a tremendous achievement.

    Be so proud. Take the time to enjoy all that you have endured and experienced. Now chill ax and enjoy the rest with Deb and Molly.


  7. Chris

    amazing work, congratulations and sleep very very well. Enjoy loafing! Have fun and truly inspiring.


  8. Margaret and Robin says:

    Congratulations Chris on a fantastic achievement. Special thanks to your amazing team in making it happen and to Julie”on the podium”. All the family have been following you and are so proud of what you have done. Not only for the walk itself but also for the many widows and children who will benefit from it.Have a well earned rest, and then? How about putting the whole experience into a book? MFB an ideal retreat for such a project.
    Love from Margaret and Robin. XX

  9. Ian Brown says:

    Congratulations Chris, and all your team. What an amazing feat, what amazing feet, what a distance! Can’t wait to hear some of your stories, have a well earned rest and a wonderful time when Deb and Molly arrive. Ian

  10. Nicole Scott says:

    Simply amazing – we are just blown away by what you and the team have achieved and what your fund raising efforts will achieve. Few can realy say they have made a difference. as you surely have.
    Now enjoy the moment and then the down time en famille.
    A special thank you to the team without whom none of this would have been possible.

    Jonathan and Nicole

  11. Chris – have been thinking about you every day. I knew you could do it but superstition prevented me from saying so. I wonder how you will sleep on a soft mattress. I have visions of you sleeping on the floor for comfort. Be prepared for some ( different ) low points after this amazing achievement and as you transition back to a more normal life. Enjoy the rest with Debs and Molly and I look forward to seeing you in Exchange House soon. And special thanks to the team for looking after Chris so well and enabling him to do this. Ben.

  12. Jose Jimenez says:

    Well done Chris. You are a legend. The Loomba Foundation will never forget your name and what you did for widows. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts and following your story every day. All the best and when you get home try to have a shower in the bathroom rather than in the kitchen naked.

    #TeamChris… thanks for being superstars and helping Chris along the way.

  13. Well bloody done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would give you a million pounds if I had it xxx

  14. Well done Chris, a great achievement both personally and for a very worthy cause.

    Who knows what the next adventure will be!

    Now, please grow your hair back and start normal bathroom etiquette again!

    Big pat on the back to Team Baba.

    Looking forward to catching up later in the year.


    Jez & Claire

  15. I can only imagine what you have been through in the last month. So well done Chris, a wonderful achievement for a good cause. I am full of admiration. You’ve walked the equivalent of from your house to our new abode in Shropshire and back – twice!
    Go home and have a rest

  16. Superb achievement, Chris – well done.And thank you for bringing the walk to life with your comments.


  17. THE END , can’t quite believe it, the dedication, persistance and sheer determination of you Chris , plus your expert team has enabled you to complete your massive , exciting , sometimes traumatic walk for the LOOMBA cause.
    Not sure if you are elated , exhausted or what ? Only hope that Deb and Molly have their walking shoes as you may not know how to stop after all this time.
    Tis you young Chris on the podium tonight, if i was as erudite as Stephen Fry who presented the BAFTAS this eve i am sure he would come up with some amazing words of praise for you and very well deserved.
    Celebrations and a v good rest in store , then time for Deb and Molly to arrive, will Ed also be staying on with you all.
    Again , massive congratulations to you , Atul , Sachin , Kumar and all .
    Lots of love M , D and Jo . xxxxxxxxxxxx What will i do now at MIDNIGHT?
    PS, Thanks to all that have given you such encouragement and support during the last 30 days, i have really enjoyed their comments! X

  18. Congrats!
    Very inspiring!
    Sheer grit & determination!
    You brought your best practices from work to this Walk too, one of the main reasons why it went off so well.
    It was wonderful working with the Team last 30 days and everyone around you is blown away by your team building skills, humility and great human qualities, not just the magnificence of this achievement!
    Atul & Sachin – what a team, these 30 days were great team work with so much of dedication to one cause – Chris must Walk…. and he did!

    • I had mentioned this in one of the post replies I hope you will agree…Well before Chris gets an OBE, we in India from our hearts like to have the honor of calling Chris Brave Heart Chris from now on wards.

      I am sure HVK members and all Indians who have been following your adventure and the great feat will agree to this.

  19. Dear Chris ,

    Hearty Congratulations, the words fail me to express myself adequately to convey my admiration and the respect I have for you which has multiplied many folds with every day you completed.

    When we met over a Chinese dinner at Bandra nearly two year ago, it was just a seed of the idea but some how I knew you will do it and hats off to you for having now done it. Three cheers not enough so Three Hundred cheers to you.

    I have a suggestion which I hope you do read, you must have used multiple T Shirts , you should sin them and auction them ,I for one will certainly bid and buy a piece , this will raise some more money for Charity.

    And now I am going may be over the Top , I had mentioned this in one of the post replies to Kumar and I hope he will agree…Well before you get a OBE, we in India from our hearts like to have the honor of calling you Brave Heart Chris from now on wards. i am sure HVK members and all Indians who have been following your adventure and the great feat will agree to this.

    So thank you Brave Heart Chris for your efforts to raise money for the charity and more importantly inspiring many many more to start doing some thing for a cause.

    Sasthang Namaskaram / Pranam to you for achieving this incredible feat . What I mean –

    Cheers , Regards , Salute

  20. David Scott says:

    Hi Chris,

    Just a note to say a huge congratulations to you and the team, what an amazing achievement.

    I’m sure this is something that none of you will ever forget, and the benefits of your fund raising will be felt by many more in Varanasi.

    All the best,


    Cheers Chris…it was wonderful to be associated with you and the mammoth task you had undertaken. It was exciting to monitor your daily progress along with Kumar and other team members. It was inspiring to see the pictures of you completing the journey with the nonow “familar dance”. Its a fact that the event was made possible due to the noble intention behind it from the Loomba Foundation and with the sincere and dedicated efforts from Atul/Sachin/Kumar. But it was your discipline and single minded purpose which is really amazing. YOU made it happen…you shall remain to inspire us to achieve greater things in life…thanks for making us believe…that is the key takeaway…good luck…

  22. Timothy Endicott says:

    Very well done Atul, Kumar, Sachin, and of course David Scott and Ed Parsons. And HURRAY for Chris! Thanks for all the memorable messages and beautiful photos. We have had a lot of pleasure without the pain. Now put your feet up-


  23. Chris, you absolute star.
    I never doubted that you had it in you to do this, but it is a tremendous feat all the same.
    You have done an amazing thing for a thoroughly deserving cause and I hope you can now spend some quality time with your family. Thank you in particular to Debbie and Molly for lending Chris for such a prolonged period.

    Rest up !

  24. Tom.Dawlings says:

    Back from a weekend in Cardiff for Wales v England (that was brilliant too) and logged in hoping your had completed your marathons. Well done. A wonderful achievement. I have been intrigued to read about your journey and about (and from) your fantastic support team. My congratulations to you all. We look forward to seeing you and hearing more when you are home. Tom and Martine

  25. Lucinda Hamilton says:

    Well done, what an achievement! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures on your return to Cranbrook. We will have a large cappuccino waiting!

  26. Samantha Firmin says:

    Dear Chris,
    Congratulations on completing this phenomenal objective! We can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now…completely exhausted of course but also elated and so so proud. You are amazing!!
    Lots of love Sam Maurizio and Freddy xxx

  27. Bob Moore says:

    Chris, an amazing achievement made possible by your perseverance and Atul, Sachin and Kumar’s support.

    Well done all.

  28. Absolutely staggering what you have done, Chris well done to all of you in the team ( let’s face it putting up with Chris for 30 days is a tough call for anyone in any circumstances) .

    Congratulations !


  29. Incredible achievement Chris – congratulations to you and your team! Truly inspirational stuff

  30. roberta guaineri says:

    Caro Chris, sei stato bravissimo e hai fatto una cosa bellissima. Abbiamo seguito la tua impresa giorno per giorno. Grande determinazione, forza fisica e psicologica! Complimenti a te, al tuo team ed alla tua bellissima famiglia. Ora devi imparare l’italiano in 30 giorni per leggere questo post! Vi aspettiamo per una cena in giardino a Milano. Un abbraccio Roberta e Alberto

  31. Mike Flockhart says:

    Chris, congratulations on a fantastic achievement. It’s been a remarkable effort and feat of endurance and we are all very proud of you. Maybe take the bus to the airport, eh?

  32. Grant and Helen says:

    Fantastic performance from you and your team Chris!! Result was never in doubt particularly as you had Ed as an inspiration for the last few days.

    Now you can relax with Debs and Molly and enjoy the warm glow of success knowing that the money you have raised will be put to good use for a long time to come.

    Well done!!

    Grant and Helen

  33. Nick Peacock says:

    An astonishing achievement. I will however insist on transport for our Kolkata trip.
    Well done and enjoy the rest and reflection.


  34. Chris,
    Many, many congratulations. You make people proud to be your friends and colleagues, but thankful we are not your partners in your challenges: we’ve been right behind you, just several thousand miles away in comfort.

    It is a great achievement and I know you will be thrilled, as well as Debs and your family.

    Well done too to Kumar, Sachin and Atul: great work.

    Enjoy your break and I look forward to hearing more when you are back.

    Best wishes


  35. I have congratulated Chris but missed on congratulating his support team.
    A super job done Sachin , Atul and Kumar, without you all it would not have been possible for Chris to accomplish this incredible feat.
    Kumar HVK is already a living legend, I got to re connect with after 1996 in 2014 thanks to Chris’s adventure.

    So congratulations to all of you.

    Only tinge of regret and not a complaint is the Indian Press particularly in Mumbai did not cover this incredible feat , but all of us were following Chris have been inspired to do something how ever little it may be.


  36. Congratulations Chris!

    As happy as I am for you that this long, tiring but amazing journey is finally over and you get some very well-deserved rest, I must admit that I will truly miss the daily blog updates which were the perfect beginning to my day.

    Congratulations to you and the rest of Team Baba! Absolutely inspirational and fantastic!

  37. Mahendrasinh Jadeja says:

    Hi Chris, Well done your achievement. You announced it and done with style and in pain. You make us proud for supporting great charity. Lets hope i do something for this charity soon.

  38. A huge achievement – well done Chris! I hope you feel truly elated for a long time. The guys who supported you along the way deserve huge praise too as support is such a hard job and almost as tiring. Bravo!

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