Day 26 – Giving Ed a Big Hug and a Kiss

Day 26- 4 Feb 2015 – Travelled from Mudigere to Mudigere

Distance – 42km – Cumulative total 1092km

My name is Chris and I’m Walking 1,260km from Mumbai to Bangalore to raise money for widows in India. I’m walking 30 Marathons in 30 Days and I will be writing a blog post every day. To follow my progress you can sign up to receive updates here. To read my previous blog posts click here. To make a donation please visit this page. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment as they really do give me a lift when I read them every morning.

Day 26 - 9

As you can imagine, the major highlight of my day was Ed arriving. To my amazement he was on the road with me by about 11.30am after 3 hours from Exeter to London, his 10 hour flight from London to Bangalore, his 4 and half hour drive from Bangalore to Mudigere, and half an hour with Vijay to find me on the road. You can imagine my joy as I gave him a big hug and a kiss high in the Western Ghats. I am extremely grateful to everyone who made Ed’s arrival possible and not least my star secretary Angie and Cookie who helped secure his visa urgently. Angie even travelled to Heathrow by tube to hand Ed his passport with his gleaming new visa personally. No time for a rest, Ed was able to join me for 25km and has had his first experience of the Indian roads and traffic but, more significantly, the Indian sun. As Vijay keeps saying Ed is very ‘lal’ (‘red’). Will be going for the factor 50 tomorrow.

Day 26 - 6

Day 26 - 7

Little did Ed know that within 20 hours of leaving a wintery UK he would be in shorts and a t-shirt witnessing an elephant being driven on the back of an open lorry and an emu running down the middle of the road (even I was surprised).

Kumar, thanks so much for the route today which was spectacular taking us through plantations of coffee beans and areca nuts. 

Day 26 - 1

At my mid morning physio session we engaged with a small community of travelling workers. The cases and bags they had on the back of their pick up van represented all of their worldly goods. They moved from village to village to find casual labour.

Day 26 - 2

At our breakfast stop this morning I had my first Southern Indian coffee at the appropriately named ‘Coffee Corner’ with breathtaking views across the Ghats. On our loop back, ‘Coffee Corner’ also served as our lunch venue (I fear Ed may struggle with the food en route). Due to the limited accommodation available in this area we are spending our second night at the guest house in Mudigere, hence the strange route today. As we are at 700m it was pretty nippy this morning and I had to wear three layers – depriving Sachin of his hoodie who then had to travel by car but it soon warmed up as Ed’s colour will testify.

Day 26 - 10

Day 26 - 3

The first thing we did when we got back to the hotel this evening was to run through the bucket and jug routine – Ed being far more manly than me and taking his water freezing cold.

I am trying to warm him up to the notion that he might like to write a guest blog at some stage – we will see.

Atul was a very happy boy today as Sachin and I gave him permission to be off 30×30 duty and to remain at the guest house to catch up on office work. He was even more excited when I told him that Ed would be typing the blog tonight.

In a strange way entering the home straight and almost being able to smell Bangalore provides its own special psychological challenge – it seems like the walk should be over very soon and yet I still have over 160km to go – so I must remain focused and concentrate on the 5/6km chunks.

Please keep all your wonderful comments coming as they continue to be one of the highlights of my day. Jez, I am not sure I can imagine snow on the runway. Also another super poem from Robin.

Day 26 - 4

Love from me and Ed in Mudigere.

Chris xx

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Day 26 - 13

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  1. Becky Addis says:

    Such happy smiling faces – what an amazing boost for your son to arrive – wonderful. The Addis Family continue to be in awe of all you have done thus far and what you are so close to achieving. Have to say that seeing these fantastic photos is making me want to revisit India – but might not attempt the 30 marathons in 30 days bit! We wish you well over the next few days – the end is in sight – enjoy your walking and talking with Ed – very special time for you both. Love Becky xx

  2. Margaret and Robin says:

    So glad Ed has arrived and managed to find you. All the family are hooked on the daily updates and blogs and are willing you on. There will be great excitement when you cross the finishing line. Keep safe and well you, Ed and all the team.
    Love Margaret and Robin XX

  3. I love the picture with the morning light shining through the trees. Most beautiful.Strange chap having a cuppa in the foreground.

  4. Great, Ed and his Dad together, that must be so good- a bit too manly , a cold shower though!
    Was v surprised that it was “hoodie” time, the walk today sounded quite lovely and the pics give us all a constant flavour of India.
    It must be stirring up a mixed bag of thoughts with the end in sight but keep walking and savour every minute of your time left.
    As always love to you all and i am very much looking forward to Ed’s blog- you can do it!

  5. The English gave us tea. Time for India to pay back – so we gave Chris Coffee – lots of it, enough caffeine to last him the last 126 kms to Bangalore. Miles and miles of coffee plantations, that is what Chris & his team got today

  6. David Scott says:

    Chris, Ed,

    Must be a special time for you to both spend a few days together, and can’t think of better timing than as you come towards the end of this walk.

    Have a great few days, the scenery looks breathtaking…

  7. Chetna Kaura says:

    What a wonderful way to ‘walk’ towards the grand finale of the 30×30.
    Really wish like Ed I could have walked some kilometres with you. I will surely be doing some sections of your route in the near future.

    I am getting so excited about your finish, cannot even imagine the feelings you will have when you finish!

    May the wind be behind you ‘Mr Marathon’

    All the best


  8. Molly parsons says:

    Dad I thought you knew that ed always has a cold shower
    Ed you really need to put 50 on you
    Wish I could be with you right now ed

  9. Molly parsons says:

    PS having a cake sale at school on Monday for you. Do you want a piece of cake? X

  10. Jose Jimenez says:

    Chris, you look like a seasoned adventurer in the two photos with your hi vis jacket. Like a few people have noted you have adapted really well and you couldn’t be more different to the lawyer that started out.

    I’m glad Ed has joined you and thanks to Atul and team for capturing the moment really nicely with the photos. It was a team effort to get Ed out there and he must slept well that first night after all the travelling and walking. Good news that the route has improved,

    Well done Chris, Ed and team. Keep going.

  11. Keep going, Chris! Just three more to go from tomorrow. I am can promise you that you would miss the routine next week!

  12. Hemant Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Chris,

    I am very happy to see ED with you and feeling the happiness of Chris to see his beloved son. I am personally thankful to you for your tough task. I congratulate you for achieving your goal within time frame. I pray almighty God on behalf of all widows and their children to give you shower of blessing and strength. Keep walking with new energy.
    Thank & Regards Hemant Kumar Sharma, The Loomba Foundation (India)

  13. Pawan Kumar says:

    Dear Chris,

    Feeling very happy to see Ed pics with you. Emotional moments.

    Nothing comes free in this world, even to take one breath we have to release one breath. Your contribution for the charity is great since you have to face a lot which cannot described in words.

    Dear Chris, so far I could understand that there was a tough training of two years. You prepared yourself both mentally and physically before training & were well equipped for this. I also understand the word ‘impossible’ is a state of mind. When someone walk, several forces work together like physical force, mental force, desire, passion, blessings & several other forces like fear, failure also counter and it is like a tough fight for someone to maintain his stamina and patience.

    Though I could understand a lot from your blogs but still there are several questions in my mind. How this idea came in your mind to perform this task which looks like impossible for a human being or an act of madness.Only a person like Chris, who has burning desire to do something for a noble cause can do this.

    Dear Ed – Thanks for coming to India, accompany Chris in his walk and boost up morale of your Father. God Bless you.

  14. Hemant Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear ED

    First of all, I welcome you in India on behalf of the Loomba Foundation and best wishes for your walk with your father. I appreciate your spirit that you traveled from London to join your father and giving us an opportunity to see how Chris express his hidden emotions. Chris is very lucky to have a a son like you who is walking shoulder to shoulder with his father and making easier for Chris in his last leg of walk. Keep it up and God Bless you. Thanks and Regards Hemant

  15. Hemant Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Team members,

    Thank you very much for your support and taking care of Chris for making it possible for him to complete his Walk. I feel proud on all of you. Take care and all the best. Keep it up.

  16. Wonderful to have Ed along with you for the last stretch, you will do it!! The whole team have done such a fantastic inspiring job and making it possible. Chris, your huge mental and physical and resilience is totally inspiring. Come on, keep going, not far now.


  17. Anne Thompson says:

    Happy Baba now. Keep it up, not far now and in excellent company.

  18. Catherine Biss says:

    Wow Chris! You are so nearly finished and I am so impressed at how well you have done.

    Your blogs have been fantastic – extremely entertaining. I am going to miss the daily updates on what you are up to and all the stories. I am so glad Ed has made it out there to be with you.

    Atul and Sachin – you sound like amazing people and a really good laugh – I am glad you have been able to accompany Chris on his adventure – perhaps one day you will come to London and we can all go for dinner!

    Keep going Chris!!!

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