Day 23 – Meet Sachin ‘magic hands’ Mali

Day 23 – 1 Feb 2015 – Travelled from Baindoor to Manipal

Distance – 42km – Cumulative total 966km

My name is Chris and I’m Walking 1,260km from Mumbai to Bangalore to raise money for widows in India. I’m walking 30 Marathons in 30 Days and I will be writing a blog post every day. To follow my progress you can sign up to receive updates here. To read my previous blog posts click here. To make a donation please visit this page. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment as they really do give me a lift when I read them every morning.


As promised here is Sachin with his ‘guest’ blog and I will update you on both days tomorrow.

Chris xx

I am Sachin Mali,

Firstly I would like to say that writing this blog is punishment given to me by Chris for giving him so much pain. I offered to walk the remaining marathons as writing isn’t my cup of tea, but here I am.

I am the youngest of 2 sons and my older brother is an engineer in Bangalore. I am basically Mangalorean, my parents are from Mangalore and I have been living in Bangalore for 4 years.

I work for Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore as a full time Clinical Sports Physiotherapist. Apart from that I do part-time Fitness Coaching and Physical Therapy for the Elite Tennis players at Topseed Tennis Academy.

When my Head of Department announced there was going to be a marathon from Mumbai to Bangalore I grabbed the opportunity before anybody else could raise their interest. And I immediately started working on it. I am a Sports Physio and I have done research on long distance fitness so I was very excited to be a part of the team for this walk.

Well Chris!!! He is an actor, comedian, dancer, teacher, advisor, angry young man and of course, a Walker! He is an awesome human being. When I first met him, he looked very ordinary standing there in his suit, but he was very well prepared. He had a list of almost 15-20 pre-written questions and he started firing them at me.

Day 23 - 6

The Chris that I see now is completely different. It is hard to believe how he has accommodated to the local (Desi) lifestyle. So much so that when we stayed in a luxury hotel after 10 days, he wasn’t comfortable and he didn’t get a proper night’s sleep either.

Being away from your family is not easy

Travelling for 30 days is not easy

Having tea, snacks, breakfast and naps in unimaginable places is not easy

Eating dust for 30 days is not easy

Walking for 30 days is not easy

Walking 42km is not easy

Walking 42km 30 times is not easy

Walking 42km 30 times without a single day break is not easy, is not easy, is not easy!!!

It’s just that Chris is a PAC-Man, he is a Road Eater.


He is a walker, he can only do walking. Anything other than walking like climbing stairs, sitting, getting up from bed or chair, jumping and sprinting are the most difficult tasks. For which he may need re-habilitation for sure.

Maintaining very good mental health is as important as the physical health and Chris is a strong man on the inside and outside.

Day 12 - 1

When I did the first physical assessment he had stiffness of the back, hip, thigh and calf. He also complained to me of pain in his feet every day as he gets up in the morning. Right now his tightness is relieved and his flexibility has improved. He got a few blisters in the second week but we managed them well so it wasn’t really any trouble at any time.

I make him do warm-up exercises for 5-10 minutes, mainly concentrating on his lower limbs, then his back, upper limb and neck. Every 5km break there are relaxation techniques including elevation, shaking, mobilisation of joints, stretching of hips, thigh, calf and feet muscles. Every 3rd day there are long sessions of physio for the whole body. They all make a great difference.

Day 23 - 5

As far as his diet is concerned we are mainly concentrating on carbohydrates, hydration, protein, calcium and other nutrients and vitamins.

When we started Chris did a normal 5km walk. After 8/10 days we slowly progressed to do some power walking (intensity) in 5km and now he is doing a 6km (duration) moderate walk. In the last 3 days he will do 6km with some power walking (intensity & duration).

Day 23 - 3

In my line of work treatment will not be successful if it only involves a good physio, it’s important to have a good client. Chris is good, cooperative, so he is responding well to my treatment. I always try to convince him that ‘pain is your friend’. Pain is an indicator of any problem. I’m pleased to say he has recently accepted this. I believe ‘Physicians gives years to life; Physios give life to years’.

Day 23 - 9

I have made a very good friend here in Atul. He is doing a tremendous job. He is always helpful. I will definitely miss the first chai of the day. We have a very good team and they all have their own role. They are all doing a fantastic job.

Day 23 - 4

Picture from Day 17 when David was with us

Day 23 - 8

First chai of Day 23

This is a great and wonderful experience. From my point of view I am giving Chris my all. I am not only fixing his problems but I’m also working on improving his walking efficiency by way of monitoring. This is the first time I have worked as a travelling physio and it makes me feel proud because it is a noble cause. These 30 days will help me in my career and as a person.

I would like to thank Preetha Reddy, Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals, CEO and Management of Apollo Hospitals in Bangalore, Head of the Physiotherapy Department Bangalore for choosing me to work on this wonderful project. I mustn’t forget to thank Kumar and his team for choosing such a wonderful route (I have seen countless beaches in only 21 days). HiVayKing – Real King of the roads.

Please keep your comments coming as it makes a big difference. I can say 10km to 15km without strain simply by reading the blogs.


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  1. Timothy Endicott says:

    Thank you so much for that, Sachin, a physio with a poetic gift! And thanks to you and Atul, and the all team for keeping Chris well and on the road.

    Hope you all see one or two more beautiful beaches before you turn inland. And at that point, you will escape the NH 17!

    Go Chris-


  2. Margaret and Robin says:

    Chris and Team
    An Epic Walk In India. January 2015

    Part 1

    The way was rough,
    The going tough,
    On the road to Bangalore;
    Forty-two daily K’s
    For all of thirty days
    Had never been done before.

    But now on that road
    An Englishman strode
    Determined to stay the course;
    He kept up his stride,
    Refusing to ride
    Neither bike nor bus nor horse.

    His feet became blistered
    And an inner voice whispered
    You can’t go on any more;
    You’re feeling so tired,
    So hot and perspired,
    Your whole body aches and is sore!

    Then his Team rallied round,
    Sat their man on the ground
    And pummelled him back into shape;
    He got up from the floor
    Feeling good once more
    And knew he’d just had a near scrape.

    Then the walker recalled
    Why he’d first felt called
    To embark on this marathon deed;
    ’twas to make folk aware,
    And raise money to care
    For poor widows and children in need.

    Part two to follow. Thank you Sachin for your blog.You are nearly at the finish line well done to you all. Love Margaret and Robin.

  3. Very well done “magic hands Sachin” for your brilliant and informative blog. Ed , if he is able to join you will be v interested to meet the TEAM, given his studies at Exeter Uni.
    Also another excellent piece of poetry from Margaret and Robin.
    Let us not forget you Chris with your stealy determination ( apologies for spellling)my dictionary is in the other room and i can’t disturb Dad! to push on each day, blisters, sore knee , dust and danger, can’t thank everyone for looking after you so beautifully . Please , when Sachin and Atul have finished with you , how would they like to come to Wales to improve the life of two old biddies ?
    Good to see they have named a van or lorry after you young Chris!
    Continued good walking, thinking of you all and send much love. xxxxxxxxx

  4. That was great insight from you, Sachin. IT is wonderful that you have kept Chris going all these days consistently.
    I had a chance to watch Sachin at his job – he is so meticulous & structured in his approach to making sure that Chris got his vitamins, proteins, etc etc, exercises, his 8-physio-sessions-a-day and the 1-hour “pain” drill at the end of the day. It is non-stop attention, I am sure Chris has never been pampered so much before!

  5. Chris

    Fabulous! Every day I’ve read the blogs with total awe.


  6. Kavit Desai says:

    Keep up the good work Sachin. It is really nice to see the implementation of kineso tape on Chris while he is on road. Good luck with future and happy to see you where you are right now! Keep moving ahead in life.

    Well Chris, must say you got a perfect package as far as Physiotherapist is concerned! Hang on!! Keep those legs moving. Hardly few miles to go.

    Warm regards from Washington DC.

    – Kavit.

  7. David Scott says:

    Great blog Sachin, well done!

    I’m sure that without your care and attention what is already an incredibly tough ask for Chris would have been even more difficult.

    Good luck for the last week, it must be exciting to know you are all entering the final stretch!

    All the best,

  8. Pawan Kumar says:

    Dear Sachin,

    A nice blog written in simple language but informative & impressive. Thanks for taking care of Chris so well. Sometimes words are inappropriate to describe the things in professional manners but your feelings are very much explainable in genuine manner. The poetry from Margaret & Robin also deserves applause.

    Heartiest Congrats to Chris & his team for completion of 1000 Km. though I still believe that it was an impossible act.

  9. Chris Tum Badhe Chalo

    Veer tum badhe chalo
    Dheer tum badhe chalo

    Sath me dhvaja rahe
    Bal dal saja rahe
    Dhvaj kabhi jhuke nahi
    Dal kabhi ruke nahi

    Samne pahad ho
    Sinh ki dahad ho
    Tum nider hato nahi
    Marg me ruko nahi

    Veer tum badhe chalo
    Dheer tum badhe chalo

    Badal garajte rahen
    Megh baraste rahen
    Bijliyan chamak uthen
    Bijliyan tadak uthen

    Veer tum badhe chalo
    Dheer tum badhe chalo

    prat ho na raat ho
    Sang ho na sath ho
    Surya se badhe chalo
    Chandra se badhe chalo

    Veer tum badhe chalo
    Dheer tum badhe chalo

    Congratulations – Chris & his Team for setting up another milestone of 1000 Kms.

  10. Holly Jones says:

    Great blog Sachin – lovely to hear your side of the story

  11. Greetings , Yes Sachin you write very well!! really interesting from your perspective, lets hope Ed gets out to you and helps the final few days . xx

  12. Dear Sachin,your blog was excellent ; beware ,as you are so good Chris may want you to do another one, particularly if this last week is very painful!

    Dear Chris ,keep it going old bean, piece of cake for you now.

    Good luck to you all !


  13. Roshni Castelino says:

    Excellent blog MALI…Sachin Mali Sir!! Proud of u… D “magic hands “isnt thing since we hav seen ur treatment strategies n skills… But came to know that u r a poet too!!! Great going n all d very best to u n d team!!! enjoy ur last week of happy# painful# fun #n sunny days !!!

  14. Thank you Sachin for the excellent blog. You must all be feeling excited as today, as others have commented, you’ll go through 1,000 kms and be well into the final fifth of the journey.
    Thanks also for the great photos.

    I wonder, as you head into the later stages of the challenge and realise you are definitely going to make it, whether the momentousness of your achievement already, let alone at the end, will start to sink in.

    If life is about making a difference for the better, nothing illustrates making a difference more powerfully than this: I recently received a letter with some words of advice and it summed them up by saying everything is about people. Thank you all for your time, commitment, empathy and actions in pursuit of that wise principle. Congratulations too on crossing 1,000 kms ( by the time you read this).


  15. Gitanjali says:

    Dear Sachin,

    Thank you for the wonderful blog.It was lovely reading it and I am surprised to see this new( blogger ) side of you,kudos to u !
    Chris we are so proud of u , keep up the good work Chris and team!
    Congratulations guys and all the very best for the journey ahead!

  16. Sam Parsons says:

    Now i wish i could have come even more, ‘Fitness Coaching and Physical Therapy for the Elite Tennis players’ – i would have loved a couple of days worth of advice from you Sachin. Would have had some great discussions, i’m sure Ed will rack your brains if he makes it out.

    Very good blog, i greatly enjoyed it.

    keep it up team. well done Dad.


  17. Tom.Dawlings says:

    Chris and team. Had to log in this morning to warm up as it was snowing when feeding my animals this morning. I enjoyed Sachin’s blog. I needed someone like Sachin here to attend to my back having turned over the sheep at the weekend to trim their feet – but I don’t need to do that every day for 30 days (just once every couple of months). Sadly though, as a hobby smallholder and not an elite athlete, I would not qualifyy for such services. I see that yesterday or the day before you had found just the machine to repair our track. Enough on rural Kent. You must be beginning to feel you are on the last lap. Keep going. Our very best wishes to you all. Tom & Martine.

  18. Carol Pinto says:

    Keep up the good work Chris. It’s great to see someone supporting a noble cause. Good job Sachin! I enjoyed reading this blog.

    Best wishes from Scotland xxx

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