Using Sewing Machines to Help Widows in Tamil Nadu

In 2013 we carried out a project to help widows in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. With the help of the Sri Aurobindo Society we selected 100 widows who were trained for 2 months so they could learn to make garments. After the training was completed each widow was supplied with a sewing machine so they could start making use of their new skills. The project was carried out in conjunction with Aurobindo’s program known as SWARM which stands for ‘Sri Aurobindo Rural & Village Action & Movement’ which is a progressive village community model that is sustainable, replicable and scalable.

The Sri Aurobindo Society have kindly produced a video which provides an insight into the work that was carried out to help widows and also shows their journey of learning to sew and using sewing machines. Also, it’s nice to see the widows laughing and being happy.

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Helping 5,000 Widows in Punjab… Our Project Goes Live!


I am very pleased to announce that our partnership to help 5,000 widows in the State of Punjab has gone live!  It makes me very happy when a project actually starts and it is also the state where I was born which makes it even more satisfying. It takes a lot of work and patience to get some projects in motion so I’m very grateful to my team in London and India for all their hard work as well the government in Punjab for becoming partners. The involvement of the government in Punjab is a key factor in not only helping widows but creating awareness that we hope other states will follow.Punjab-Widows

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab inaugurates the Loomba Foundation’s partnership project in Ludhiana in Punjab on 22nd August 2014

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