Why I Initiated a Debate on Widows at the House of Lords

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I initiated a debate at the House of Lords on Monday 30th June 2014 asking what the UK Government is doing to raise awareness of International Widows Day. These debates known as Questions for Short Debate (QSD) allow members of the House of Lords to ask questions to Her Majesty’s Government. Therefore I used this opportunity to lobby the government to see if they can include widow’s issues in the UN’s post Millennium Development goals.

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It was an interesting debate which ended with Baroness Northover making some closing remarks and these points in particular: [Read more…]

International Widows Day in India and London

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International Widows Day was observed in India and in London this year.  I went to both events so I was in India on the 21st June and then flew back to London that night so I could attend the event at the House of Lords on Monday 23rd June. Both occasions were used to make important announcements and I’d like to thank everyone that took the time to support the Loomba Foundation or the cause of widows around the world.

Dehli, India 21st June 2014

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In India there was a dinner at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Dehli and the theme was ‘Justice for Widows – Corporate Social Responsibility’ in light of the recent legislation in India that makes it compulsory for corporates to have CSR programs.  The event was attended by the by former Chief Justice of India and Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of India (NHRC), Justice KG Balakrishnan, the British High Commissioner, Sir James David Bevan KCMG and Indian social activist and former India Police Services (IPS) officer, Dr. Kiran Bedi. There were nearly 200 guests in total to include Loomba Foundation Trustees and the Chairperson, Mrs Aruna Oswal. Over £200,000 was raised which was fantastic news as it will all go towards educating children and providing widows with sewing machines. Chris Parsons was also present to launch his Walk for Widows which starts in January 2015. [Read more…]

Forthcoming Activities and Events for International Widows Day

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International Widows Day on the 23rd June 2014 is fast approaching and we will be involved in a number of events. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to let you know you about these occasions. The Loomba Foundation is organising two events, one in London in the House of Lords and the other one is in India in Delhi.

House of Lords, London

A dinner is being held at the House of Lords in the Cholmondeley Room on 23rd June 2014. This event will be attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Cherie Blair CBE QC, the Indian High Commissioner Mr Ramjan Mathai, Lord Dholakia of Waltham Brooks and Barry Palmer from the International Lions Club. In total there will be approximately 120 guests.

House of LordsParliament at Night. Photo Courtesy of UK Parliament

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