12 month review

Invisible, Forgotten Sufferers: Plight of Widows

Most people are unaware that there are over 100 million widows living in poverty today. 81 million widows have been abused and millions and have been ostracised and abandoned around the world, simply because they are widows. An unknown number of widows have been targeted for rape, torture and murder, others are forced into prostitution and re-marriage and many are victims of property theft, social isolation, physical and psychological abuse. It is shocking: what’s more shocking is how few people are aware of this gross violation of Human Rights.

To find out more about our work please visit the Our Work page and we also cover a lot of our activity on our Blog.

The Loomba Foundation is currently working to help widows in India as follows:

Educating Children of Poor Widows

To date we have educated over 10,000 children and at present we are responsible for 1,600 children going to school in 13 states across India.

To make a donation to educate a child click here.

Empowering Widows using Sewing Machines

We set a target of helping 10,000 Indian widows and we are on course to reach this target very soon. Our live and recent projects include the following areas/states: Punjab, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry and Patna.

To make a donation for sewing machines click here.


International Widows Day 2015

International Widows Day takes place on 23 June 2015. This is the most important date in our calendar and we will be holding an event at One Great George Street to mark this day. More details to follow soon!