Planning the Walk for Widows Route from Mumbai to Bangalore!

Chris Parsons is going to walk 1,260km in January from Mumbai to Bangalore and one of the most important aspects of the pre-walk planning is ensuring he knows the route he has to follow and where he can stop to eat, receive treatment, rest and sleep along the route and at the end of the each day. This requires meticulous planning and will ensure Chris only has to deal with issues relating to walking.

Chris therefore enlisted the help of a gentleman called HV Kumar (otherwise known as HiVayKing) as he is a road and highway expert in India. HV Kumar completed the whole course by car so he could plan the route taking into consideration that Chris is aiming to walk 42km per day. Listed below is the route he is going to follow day by day and the via routes show where he will pass each day. Day 28 does not list any via routes as it is all barren land between the start and end points.

While researching the route HV Kumar took a video of the route so this will give you an insight on what Chris is going to see and deal with over the course of the 30 days! [Read more…]